Fairey Albacore Aircraft

Albacore I, Royal Navy. Copyright: Arvo Vercamer

Production Details

Design Company:

Fairey Aviation Co Ltd, Hayes

First Flight:

12 December 1938

Albacore I:

800 - Fairey Aviation Co Ltd, Hayes

Type Specification

Applies to:

Fairey Albacore I


Two / three-seat torpedo, bomber reconnaissance biplane


Single bay unstaggered biplane. Upper wings attached to framework of cockpit superstructure, lower wings to lower fuselage longerons. Wings fold round rear spar hinges. All metal wing structure with fabric covering.


All metal monocoque with flush riveted smooth skin

Tail Unit:

Cantilever monoplane type. All-metal framework with metal covering to fixed surfaces and fabric covering to moveable surfaces

Landing Gear:

Fixed divided type with faired in sides. Twin metal floats may be substituted for the wheeled landing gear

Power Plant:

One Bristol Taurus XII fourteen cylinder sleeve valved radial air cooled engine rated at 1,130 hp at 3,500 ft. Naca cowling with leading edge exhaust collector and trailing edge controllable gills


Enclosed cockpit for crew of two or three according to function. When carrying bombs or torpedo crew consists of pilot and gunner only. For spotter / reconnaissance duties crew comprises pilot, observer and telegraphist / air gunner


One 0.303 in Browning machine gun in starboard wing and two 0.303 Vickers machine guns in rear cockpit. Torpedo crutches under fuselage. Bomb racks beneath fuselage and lower wings. Maximum bomb load 2,000 lb



50 ft


39 ft 10 in


14 ft 2 in

Wing Area:

623 sq ft



7,250 lb


10,460 lb


Max Speed:

161 mph at 4,500 ft

Service Ceiling:

20,700 ft

Max Range:

930 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Albacore I:

N4389 - Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton Airfield - Display

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