Vickers Wellington Aircraft

Wellington T.10, RV Smith from British Built Aircraft

Production Details

Design Company:

Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, Weybridge, Chester and Blackpool

First Flight:

15 June 1936


1 - Vickers, Weybridge

Wellington I:

1,400 - Vickers, Weybridge 1,603 - Vickers, Chester 50 - Vickers, Blackpool

Wellington II:

401 - Vickers, Weybridge

Wellington III:

2 - Vickers, Weybridge 780 - Vickers, Blackpool 737 - Vickers, Chester

Wellington IV:

220 - Vickers, Chester

Wellington V:

3 - Vickers, Weybridge

Wellington VI:

64 - Vickers, Weybridge

Wellington VIII:

394 - Vickers, Weybridge

Wellington X:

1,369 - Vickers, Blackpool 2,434 - Vickers, Chester

Wellington XI:

105 - Vickers, Weybridge 75 - Vickers, Blackpool

Wellington XII:

50 - Vickers, Weybridge 8 - Vickers, Chester

Wellington XIII:

42 - Vickers, Weybridge 802 - Vickers, Blackpool

Wellington XIV:

53 - Vickers, Weybridge 538 - Vickers, Chester 250 - Vickers, Blackpool

Wellington XVIII:

80 - Vickers, Blackpool

Type Specification

Applies to:

Vickers Wellington III


Twin engined medium bomber


Mid wing cantilever monoplane. Structure consists of main girder spar and two auxiliary spars close to the leading and trailing edges. To these spars are attached a series of geodetic panels. Fabric covering


Oval streamline structure of Vickers geodetic construction, covered with fabric

Tail Unit:

Cantilever type. Fin and tailplane are geodetic structures. Elevators and rudder are normal ribbed structures. Fabric covered

Landing Gear:

Retractable type. Wheels retract backward into engine nacelles

Power Plant:

Two 1,370 hp Bristol Hercules XI sleeve valve radial air cooled engines


Normal crew of six. Pilot, bomb aimer, radio operator, navigator and two gunners


Two gun nose and four gun tail turrets. Two additional guns in Beam positions. Bombs to a total of 4,500 lb in bomb bay



86 ft 2 in


64 ft 7 in


17 ft 5 in

Wing Area:

840 sq ft



29,500 lb


Max Speed:

255 mph


22,000 ft

Normal Range:

1,470 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Wellington Ia:

N2980 - Brooklands Museum, Brooklands - Display

Wellington T.10:

MF628 - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Display

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