Panavia Tornado Aircraft

Tornado P.02, Cosford

Production Details

Design Company:

British Aircraft Corporation Ltd with MBB of Germany and Aeritalia of Italy

First Flight:

14 August 1974

Tornado Prototype:

4 - British Aircraft Corporation 3 - MBB, Germany 2 - Aeritalia, Italy

Tornado Pre-production:

2 - British Aircraft Corporation 3 - MBB, Germany 1 - Aeritalia, Italy

Tornado IDS:

324 - British Aerospace 322 - DASA 99 - Alenia

Tornado GR.4:

142 - British Aerospace (upgraded GR.1)

Tornado ADV Prototypes:

3 - British Aerospace

Tornado F.2:

18 - British Aerospace

Tornado F.3:

168 - British Aerospace

Tornado ECR:

35 - DASA, Germany

Type Specification

Applies to:

Panavia Tornado GR.1


All-weather supersonic tactical strike aircraft


All-metal stressed-skin variable-geometry wing mounted at the top of the fuselage


All-metal, stressed-skin construction

Tail Unit:

Single fin and rudder at rear of fuselage with all moving tailerons on fuselage

Landing Gear:

Retractable tricycle undercarriage. Main legs have single wheels and retract forward into fuselage and nose leg has twin wheels and retracts forwards into fuselage

Power Plant:

Two 15,800 lb thrust Turbo-Union RB 199 Mk 103 turbofans mounted side-by-side in the rear fuselage


Tandem seating for two in enclosed cockpit in forward fuselage


Two 27mm Mauser guns plus 19,840 lb of stores on three fuselage and four wing pylons



45 ft 7.5 in (fully extended)


54 ft 10 in


18 ft 8.5 in

Wing Area:

323 sq ft



31,065 lb


60,000 lb


Max Speed:

1,452 mph above 36,000 ft


2 min to 30,000 ft

Service Ceiling:

50,000 ft


2,100 miles with full external fuel

Preserved in British Museums

Tornado Prototype:

XX946 - RAF Museum, Cosford - Display

Tornado GR.1:

XZ631 - Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington - Display ZA354 - Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington - Display ZA362 - Highland Aviation Museum, Inverness - Display ZA457 - RAF Museum, Hendon - Display ZA465 - Imperial War Museum, Duxford - Display None - RAF Millom Museum, Haverigg - Cockpit

Tornado F.3:

ZE934 - Museum of Flight, East Fortune - Display

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