Handley Page Halifax Aircraft

Halifax II(III), Elvington

Production Details

Design Company:

Handley Page Limited

First Flight:

25 October 1939

H.P.56 Prototypes:

2 - Handley Page Limited, Radlett

H.P.57 Halifax I:

84 - Handley Page Limited

H.P.59 Halifax II:

615 - Handley Page Limited 860 - English Electric Co Ltd 450 - London Aircraft Production Group 12 - Rootes Securities Ltd

H.P.61 Halifax B.3:

326 - Handley Page Limited 940 - English Electric Co Ltd 260 - London Aircraft Production Group 280 - Rootes Securities Ltd 326 - Fairey Aviation Ltd

H.P.63 Halifax B.5:

658 - Rootes Securities Ltd 246 - Fairey Aviation Ltd

H.P.61 Halifax B.6:

132 - Handley Page Limited 325 - English Electric Co Ltd

H.P.61 Halifax B.7:

15 - Handley Page Limited 12 - English Electric Co Ltd 108 - Fairey Aviation Ltd

H.P.61 Halifax A.7:

145 - Handley Page Limited 8 - English Electric Co Ltd 120 - Rootes Securities Ltd

H.P.70 Halifax C.8:

100 - Handley Page Limited

H.P.71 Halifax A.9:

145 - Handley Page Limited

Type Specification

Applies to:

Handley Page H.P.61 Halifax B.3


Four engined heavy bomber


Mid wing cantilever monoplane. All metal twin spar structure built in five sections


Oval section light alloy monocoque structure in four main sections

Tail Unit:

Cantilever monoplane type with twin fins and rudders

Landing Gear:

Retractable type. Wheels are retracted backwards into inner engine nacelles leaving a portion of wheel exposed. Retractable tailwheel

Power Plant:

Four Bristol Hercules XVI fourteen cylinder radial air cooled sleeve valve engines. Three blade constant speed airscrews


Crew of 6 consisting of pilot, navigator, radio operator, and 3 gunners


13,000 lb bomb load contained in fuselage and centre section of wing. 4 gun mid upper turret, 4 gun tail turret and one gun in nose



98 ft 10 in


71 ft 7 in


21 ft 2 in

Wing Area:

1,275 sq ft



38,900 lb


65,000 lb



282 mph


24,000 ft


2,350 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Halifax II:

W1048 - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Display LV907 - Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington - Display

Halifax A.VII:

PN323 - Imperial War Museum, South Lambeth - Nose

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