Bristol Britannia Aircraft

Britannia 312F, Cosford

Production Details

Design Company:

The Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd, Filton, Bristol

First Flight:

16 August 1952

Britannia 100 series:

17 - Bristol Aeroplane Co

Britannia 200 series:

5 - Bristol Aeroplane Co 18 - Short Bros. & Harland

Britannia 300 series:

33 - Bristol Aeroplane Co 12 - Short Bros. & Harland

Canadair CL-28 Argus:

33 - Canadair Ltd, Canada

Canadair CL-44 Yukon:

39 - Canadair Ltd, Canada

Type Specification

Applies to:

Bristol Britannia 100 series


Four engined airliner


Cantilever low wing monoplane. Aluminium alloy box spar stressed skin structure


Aluminium alloy monocoque structure

Tail Unit:

Cantilever metal tailplane and single fin and rudder

Landing Gear:

Retractable nose wheel type. Main units beneath inner nacelles each have a four wheel bogie. Nose unit has twin wheels

Power Plant:

Four 3,890 ehp Bristol Siddeley Proteus 705 turboprop engines driving four blade airscrews


Crew of 8 and up to 92 passengers



142 ft 3.5 in


114 ft


36 ft 8.3 in

Wing Area:

2,075 sq ft



88,000 lb

Max. All up:

155,000 lb


Normal High Speed Cruise:

360 mph

Still air range:

4,580 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Britannia 100 series:

G-ALRX - Bristol Aero Collection, Kemble Airfield - Nose

Britannia 200 series:

XM496 - Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society, Kemble Airfield - Display

Britannia 300 series:

G-ANCF - Jetstream Club, Speke - Restoration G-AOVF - Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford Airfield - Display G-AOVT - Duxford Aviation Society, Duxford Aerodrome - Display

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