Bristol Beaufighter Aircraft

Beaufighter VIf, 307 Sqn RAF. Copyright: Arvo Vercamer

Production Details

Design Company:

The Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd, Filton & Whitchurch, Bristol

First Flight:

17 July 1939

Beaufighter I:

360 - Bristol Aeroplane Co 325 - Fairey Aviation Co 240 - MAP

Beaufighter II:

450 - Bristol Aeroplane Co

Beaufighter VI:

668 - Bristol Aeroplane Co 838 - MAP 150 - Rootes Securities Ltd 175 - Fairey Aviation Co

Beaufighter XI:

163 - MAP

Beaufighter T.F.X:

2095 - MAP 110 - Rootes Securities Ltd

Beaufighter T.F.21:

364 - Australia

Type Specification

Applies to:

Bristol 156 Beaufighter X


Two seat long range day and night torpedo and rocket carrier


Mid wing cantilever all metal monoplane with stressed skin. Metal framed ailerons have fabric covering


All metal monocoque of Z section frames and L section stringers, covered with a smooth metal skin

Tail Unit:

Cantilever monoplane type. Tailplane and fin are separate structures with flush riveted smooth metal skin. Rudder and elevators have metal frames and fabric covering

Landing Gear:

Retractable type. Each independent unit is raised backwards into the engine nacelle. Tail wheel retracts forward into fuselage

Power Plant:

Two 1,600 hp Bristol Hercules XVII fourteen cylinder sleeve valve radial air cooled engines with constant speed airscrews


Crew of two with pilot in nose and observer aft of wings


Four 20 mm nose cannon and one 0.303 in machine gun in the observers station. One 18 in torpedo carried under fuselage



57 ft 10 in


41 ft 4 in


15 ft 10 in

Wing Area:

503 sq ft



15,592 lb


25,400 lb


Max Speed:

320 mph at 10,000 ft

Rate of Climb:

1,600 ft/min

Service Ceiling:

19,000 ft


1,750 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Beaufighter II:

Unknown - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Nose

Beaufighter T.F.X:

RD253 - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Display BF-10 - Museum of Flight, East Fortune Aerodrome - Stored

Beaufighter Mk 21:

A19-144 - The Fighter Collection, Duxford Aerodrome - Restoration


Unknown - Midland Air Museum, Coventry - Cockpit

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