Avro York Aircraft

York C.1, Cosford

Production Details

Design Company:

A.V. Roe and Co Ltd, Newton Heath, Manchester, Ringway Aerodrome, Manchester, Woodford Aerodrome, Cheshire and Yeadon Aerodrome, Yorkshire

First Flight:

5 July 1942


4 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

York C.1:

252 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

York C.1 Special:

1 - Canada

Type Specification

Applies to:

Avro 685 York C.1


Four engined transport


High wing cantilever monoplane. All metal, two spar wing structure, with smooth aluminium alloy skin. Ailerons have metal noses, remainder fabric covered


An all metal structure of roughly rectangular cross section. The entire fuselage is covered with a flush riveted metal skin

Tail Unit:

Cantilever monoplane type with oval fins and rudders. Tailplane built up in a similar manner to the wings. The rudders and fins are all metal, but the elevators are fabric covered. A central stabilising fin is also fitted on top of the fuselage.

Landing Gear:

Retractable main wheels and fixed tail wheel. Main gear retract into the inboard engine nacelles

Power Plant:

Four 1,280 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 24 twelve cylinder Vee liquid cooled engines. Three bladed constant speed full feathering airscrews


For passenger operation the crew normally consists of one or two pilots, navigator, wireless operator and steward. The flying crew are housed in the front portion of the fuselage. Maximum number of passengers is 56



102 ft


78 ft 6 in


16 ft 6 in

Wing Area:

1,205 sq ft


Tare Weight:

42,040 lb

All-up Weight:

68,000 lb


Max. Speed:

298 mph


26,000 ft

Max Range:

3,100 miles

Preserved in British Museums

York C.1:

G-ANTK - Duxford Aviation Society, Duxford Aerodrome - Display TS798 - Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford Airfield - Display

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