Avro Tutor Aircraft

Tutor, Old Warden

Production Details

Design Company:

A.V.Roe and Co Ltd, Newton Heath, Manchester

First Flight:

December 1929

Avro 621:

66 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd 57 - South African Air Force 3 - Danish Naval Shipyard

Avro 621 Trainers:

21 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Avro 621 Tutor:

381 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Avro 621 Sea Tutor:

15 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Type Specification

Applies to:

Avro 621 Tutor


Two seat training biplane


Equal span, single bay biplane. Centre section carried above the fuselage on one pair of N struts of streamline steel tubing, with one set of streamline steel tube N interplane struts on each side of the fuselage. Wing structure is steel with fabric covering. Ailerons are fitted to all four wings


Welded steel tube structure. Wooden fairings are filled to provide a good streamlined shape. The covering is of doped linen.

Tail Unit:

Normal monoplane type, constructed entirely of steel tubing and covered with fabric. Balanced rudder and elevators

Landing Gear:

Divided type. Consists of two long struts attached to the centre of the steel tube bracing in the first side bay of the fuselage, and two pairs of radius rods attached to the centreline of the underside of the fuselage

Power Plant:

One 215 hp Armstrong Siddeley Lynx seven cylinder radial air cooled engine


Tandem open cockpits



34 ft


26 ft 6 in


9 ft 7 in

Wing Area:

300 sq ft



1,686 lb


2,396 lb


Max Speed:

116 mph

Initial Rate of Climb:

800 ft/min

Service Ceiling:

14,800 ft

Preserved in British Museums

Avro 621 Tutor:

K3241 - Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome - Airworthy

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