Avro Anson Aircraft

Anson I, 220 Sqn RAF. Copyright: Arvo Vercamer

Production Details

Design Company:

A.V. Roe and Co Ltd, Newton Heath and Chadderton, Manchester and Woodford Aerodrome, Cheshire and Yeadon Aerodrome, Yorkshire

First Flight:

7 January 1935

Avro 652:

4 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson I:

6688 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson II:

1822 - Canada

Anson IV:

223 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson V:

1069 - Canada

Anson VI:

1 - Canada

Anson X:

103 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson 11:

90 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson 12:

258 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson 18:

26 A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson 19:

54 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson C.19:

246 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson T.20:

60 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson T.21:

252 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Anson T.22:

54 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Avro 19 Series 1:

40 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Avro 19 Series 2:

16 - A.V.Roe and Co Ltd

Type Specification

Applies to:

Avro 652A Anson XI


Light transport


Single piece cantilever monoplane wing, consisting of two box spars of spruce and plywood construction with plywood and spruce ribs and plywood covering. The wing is let into the fuselage structure so that the underside of the wing is flush with the bottom of the fuselage


Rectangular welded steel tube structure, with rigid bracing. Fabric covered over wooden fairings

Tail Unit:

Monoplane type. Fixed tailplane and rudder built up of spruce frames with plywood covering. Elevators of welded steel tube construction, fabric covered

Landing Gear:

Retractable type. Consists of two separate units, one on either side of the fuselage mounted under each engine nacelle, into which they retract. Non retracting tailwheel

Power Plant:

Two Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah XIX radial air cooled engines of 395 hp driving fixed pitch metal airscrews


The pilots seat is in the extreme nose of the fuselage on the left side



56 ft 6 in


42 ft 3 in


13 ft 10 in

Wing Area:

463 sq ft



6,510 lb

Max Loaded:

9,900 lb


Max Speed:

188 mph at 7,000 ft

Initial Rate of Climb:

750 ft/min

Service Ceiling:

19,500 ft


610 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Anson I:

N4877 - Imperial War Museum, Duxford Aerodrome - Display W2068 - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Fuselage

Anson C.19:

TX214 - Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford Airfield - Display VL348 - Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe Show Ground - Display VL349 - Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton - Display VM360 - Museum of Flight, East Fortune - Display/Restoration VP519 - Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project - Nose G-AWRS - North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland - Restoration

Anson T.21:

VS562 - Maes Artro Village, Llanbedr - Display VV901 - Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington - Restoration

Avro 19 Series 2:

G-AGPG - Hooton Park Trust, Hooton Park - Restoration G-AHKX - Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden - Airworthy

Web Sites

http://www.neam.co.uk/anson.html http://www.iwm.org.uk/duxford/brit4.htm