Armstrong Whitworth Argosy (A.W.650 and A.W.660) Aircraft

Argosy 101, Coventry. Copyright Malcolm Lambert

Production Details

Design Company:

Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

First Flight:

8 January 1959

Argosy Series 100:

10 - Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Argosy Series 200:

7 - Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Argosy C.1:

56 - Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd

Type Specification

Applies to:

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.660 Argosy C.1


Four engined freighter


High wing cantilever monoplane. Two spar all metal structure


Large section fuselage with flight deck above forward part. Rear fuselage doors hinge upwards and downwards and can be opened in the air

Tail Unit:

Twin fins and rudders carried on booms behind inner engines. Tailplane bridges gap between booms. All metal construction

Landing Gear:

Retractable tricycle undercarriage each with twin wheels. Main wheel retract rearwards into booms behind the engines and nose wheel rearwards into a bulge under the fuselage

Power Plant:

Four 2,470 ehp Rolls-Royce Dart R.Da.8 turboprop engines mounted in nacelles mounted on wing


Flight deck for two pilots, a navigator and an air engineer. Fuselage could seat 65 passengers



115 ft


86 ft 9 in


29 ft 3 in

Wing Area:

1,458 sq ft



56,000 lb


97,000 lb


Cruising Speed:

253 mph

Service Ceiling:

23,000 ft


3,450 miles

Preserved in British Museums

Argosy 101:

G-APRL - Midland Air Museum, Coventry Airport - Display G-BEOZ - Aeropark, Nottingham East Midlands Airport - Display

Argosy C.1:

XN819 - Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe - Cockpit XP411 - Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford Airfield - Display

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